Ricardinho lämnar MFF

2014-12-13 14:05:00

Ricardinho lämnar Malmö FF. Han har erbjudits ett nytt kontrakt men väljer att inte förlänga.

Ricardinho kom till Malmö FF 2009 och har i sin position som offensiv vänsterback spelat i stort sett varje match. Som MFF:are har han vunnit tre SM-guld och två supercupguld och spelat gruppspel i Champions League och han har varit en starkt bidragande anledning till dessa framgångar.
Malmö FF önskar honom lycka till i hans framtida utmaningar. 

Daniel Andersson

”Ricardinho är en spelare som varit väldigt viktig för oss. Han är en offensiv back som inte gör så mycket väsen av sig utanför planen men på planen syns han verkligen. Det är tråkigt att han lämnar oss, men han har tjänat oss väl i sex år och varit en starkt bidragande anledning till alla framgångar vi haft. Som fotbollsspelare är han mycket professionell och ger alltid 100 procent, oavsett om det är träning eller match. Att han varit relativt skadefri under alla år har sin förklaring i att han är noggrann med att ta hand om sig själv och sin kropp och att han jobbat en hel del extra i gymmet.”


"I remember as it was yesterday. My first training in Malmö was in a really cold and grey day, especially to a Brazilian. As everyone know I didn't speak English or Swedish. Then, I started training and I saw some guys in the kombihall where we were training and I saw a big blue and white flag and it was written "Bem-vindo Ricardinho" in Portuguese and it means welcome Ricardinho.

From there I felt as I was home. Because I came to a new city where they don't even know me and they did it for me. Many people don't remember and don't even know this story but it was a beginning of my identity with "Himmelsblå" Malmö's fans. I really appreciate what you did for me.

I had six great years where I learned about many things. To respect people even more, understand relationships, work as a real team, learning new languages, new culture, dividing opinions and ideas, creating and solving "problems", thinking of doing the best for the team. We stumbled and raised our game again. Sometimes it is good to stumble because then we know how hard it was and then we recognize the difficulties, therefore we celebrate the victories with a great pleasure as we did in these six years.

I learned about family because I married one month before I came to Malmö. Our daughter was born in Ystad and my family taught me about the real value of a family. I knew Jesus and I became a Christian here in Malmö. As you can see, my last six amazing years was brilliant!

I would like to say thank you very much for everything and to everyone and wherever I go I will take a part of Malmö FF with me. You will have a big fan in Brazil, especially in Curitiba, and I would also like to wish an amazing 2015, much better than this year, to every fan and your family.

Thanks for all, Malmö FF - Fans - Players - Coaches - Employees - Sports Chiefs - Directors - Malmö city - Sweden."